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The Day Democracy Died

No, not 23rd June 2016, the day democracy died was 24th June 2016, when a bunch of self righteous, obsessed and vitriolic fools believed they knew better than the other side and decided that because a vote didn’t go their … Continue reading

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Glenn’s Painting Log Ep 2

Righto, Basecoating was a little messier than I thought, but it all went well enough, the main paint of Vallejo Model Air Steel went on really well, I still added a couple of brushes of thinner into it, but it … Continue reading

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Glenn’s Painting Log

Whoops, not quite a year since my last post, wonder if I’ll remember to keep updating the Painting Log? Anyway, after a year or so dicking around with an airbrush I’ve decided to put some effort into getting it working … Continue reading

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Fitbit Surge

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a gadget and boy is this a gadget. First a word of warning, if you think you might like one of these, try one on first, it is an odd shape and … Continue reading

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Dark and Gritty – D&D Need not apply?

Here’s a quandary I’ve been pondering. I have spent a lot of time preparing a campaign land for our local RPG group, it all started off quite simply, I wanted a place that was not your typical and hackneyed fantasy … Continue reading

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And Hell Followed With Him

It’s really strange the things that set off a creative stream for me, for instance the title of this post was a line from a new TV show called “The Messengers”, it was used as a harbinger in the show … Continue reading

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So, Here’s The Thing.

I write stuff, I write lots of stuff, in fact I churn out stuff by the virtual page on pretty much every day. Sometimes the stuff sees the light of day, like this blog for instance, but more often it … Continue reading

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Monsters & Magic

MONSTERS & MAGIC ROLEPLAYING GAME A Brave New Old World Monsters & Magic is a new game by Sarah Newton of Mindjammer Press based on the current trend of going back to the heady days of OD&D and BD&D known … Continue reading

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UK Games Expo

UK Games Expo 2013 24th May to 26th May If anyone is interested I’m going to be attending UK Games Expo, I’m running 5 games over a busy weekend, which I suspect may involve some drinking too. 😉 I’ll be … Continue reading

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Dettol & The Sludge of Doom

Oops, I guess that’ll teach me not to get involved in bets and eBay when drunk, I was out drinking with Max, I was telling him all about my recent adventures in KickStarter which had resulted in me owning some … Continue reading

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