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Dark and Gritty – D&D Need not apply?

Here’s a quandary I’ve been pondering. I have spent a lot of time preparing a campaign land for our local RPG group, it all started off quite simply, I wanted a place that was not your typical and hackneyed fantasy … Continue reading

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And Hell Followed With Him

It’s really strange the things that set off a creative stream for me, for instance the title of this post was a line from a new TV show called “The Messengers”, it was used as a harbinger in the show … Continue reading

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So, Here’s The Thing.

I write stuff, I write lots of stuff, in fact I churn out stuff by the virtual page on pretty much every day. Sometimes the stuff sees the light of day, like this blog for instance, but more often it … Continue reading

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Blimey, 2 in a row

I’m sitting in a pub (The Papermill in Hemel) having lined up a pint of Guinness and some much needed sustenance and I find myself not really interested in doing the reading I had planned, what on earth is occurring? … Continue reading

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I’m crap at this

Every time I start one of these things I have so many ideas I think it’ll be filled to the brim with words, how wonderful it will be to clear my head of these ideas and get them out there, … Continue reading

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How long before Bionics are available?

Those of you who know me will know I’ve been battling injury since November. For those who don’t, I’ll explain. Despite my advancing age I decided to return to the rugby pitch, this was going well until a game in … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Rather than delete this post I’ll edit it instead. My name is Glenn Berry and I’m addicted to playing games, I’ll try anything once and quite often do, whilst I love playing board games, my major addiction is Role Playing … Continue reading

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