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All through the years since I were a nipper of just 14 years I’ve played D&D, now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ve played many, many other games, always searching for the perfect system, one that allows the imagination to be set free, to soar to the heights or plumb the depths, but somehow and always, I end up playing D&D.

It’s probably because it was the first game of its type I encountered but there’s always a tinge of nostalgia, always a little frisson of passion for the games played back before I discovered women and alcohol.

With that in mind, WoTC have released the very latest version of D&D, this one is meant to be called just D&D or maybe D&D Next but we all know it’s 5th Edition, all of our group call it 5e too.

This eternal release of editions may be wonderful for the balance books of the company doing the releasing, it sure plays havoc with the campaign stuff I write, all of a sudden it’s no longer applicable to the current ruleset, I either have to rewrite or start again, it can be frustrating sometimes, others I just shrug and get on with it.

I have 2 on the go at the moment, “The Servants of Lolth” and “Arlandria: The Shield of Light”, the first has been written and re-written 3 times so far, a 4th re-write should go a lot smoother and Arlandria is in my headspace all the time, this should be fairly simple, part of the problem for me now is restricting the word count, they are both fairly epic campaigns and are both designed to start from 5th Level and run up to Epic before the conclusion.

And so on to the reason for this page, I’m going to write them both up under here, at least that way I can see the progress and keep jogging my arm to keep on writing.

Salutations and may good tidings be upon you.

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