Arlandria: The Shield of Light

400 years ago, in the time of Pharrem The Deceiver, the gods walked the land, they fought battles of divinely destructive power, many cities were laid waste, forests turned to deserts and wasteland, amidst all this turmoil there came a great leader of the people, Ostean king of the Rammolthen.

Ostean rose up and using the faith of his people as a mighty weapon smote down Endrissa Mother-of-All and for a brief moment grasped the Allmother’s divinity, the divine power of course was too much for him to contain, but in this moment he saw what was needed and even whilst he was being crushed under the ferocious weight of divinity he used it to create the Great Separation.

With an explosion of light so bright that it was seen all around the world a barrier was created. A barrier which meant that no more may gods walk upon the land, they must instead use agents of their divinity and the faith of their worshippers to achieve their ends upon this world.

A time of peace.
For nearly 200 years did the lands recover, the many peoples of the land went back to their mortal concerns and gave thanks to the memory of Ostean.

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