The Book of Barnard

How did I get to be in this sorry state?
I can only wonder at the weaves the fates pulled together to bring low the Horsforth family to utterly unbelievable point of only having one member in it and him not carrying the name of Barnard.

I shall start at the beginning, or at least the beginning as far as the Horsforth family are concerned.

I found this image that looks so much like I imagined Mordecai I had to share it.

814 KR – 200 years ago
A world in darkness, the god of light lies slain these past 40 years, the people rise up against the evil around them and cry out for light, a cry heard and felt across the dimensions, a cry that reached out across the void to a world where a goddess of light was ascendant and pulled her to this world. Silena Goldenstar had little time to react, so strong was the pull, she reached out and managed to grasp her champion and pulled him along with her; the champion was called Barnard Horsforth, he did not complain that he was yanked into a world he did not know, he merely strapped on his shield and picked up his sword then set about bringing Silena’s word to the darkness.

Life continues, wherever you are and Barnard met a fine woman who joined him in his crusade to Lighting the darkness and together they had many a fine adventure and pushed back the darkness, as is usual with a man and a woman, they had a child, his wife insisted they name him Barnard and thus a family tradition was born, more than one it would transpire for the babe was born on the 35th birthday of the father, he was the only child the couple could produce, he went on to follow his father’s footsteps as Champion to the Dawnbringer, he was left fatherless on his 15th birthday when his father answered the call of his deity to enter the abyss.

This pattern has repeated 4 times since and the people believe it was the will of the Dawnbringer and everything was going according to plan until my conception, Mother of course was overjoyed, Father (Barnard VI) was warily pleased, Barnard VII was too young to have a view either way.

My name is Mordecai Horsforth and I am not a Champion to the Dawnbringer in the way that she would prefer.

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