Fantasy AGE

Green Ronin Publishing have released a setting agnostic version of Dragon AGE RPG that they have called Fantasy AGE.

It looks great from the PDF, one or two typos have slipped through the net, INTELLIRGENCE on the character sheet on the back page, no place to enter the Race of your character on same, I’m sure there are a few kicking around and that Green Ronin will do their best to get these things right before going to print.

Right then, new game & new ideas.

First off, I wanted to run a few sample scenarios, but the group I game with wanted Pre-Gens because (I’ll leave the reasons up to you).

In order to make life easier for myself I decided to create a character generation spreadsheet.

It took a bit more effort than I thought, but I have the starting of something I’m quite happy with,

Current version is 2.9 and lives here –>
Fantasy AGE Char Gen Version 2.9

Let me know what you think in the comments section?

Also if you want an older version let me know?

More to come later.

See ya!

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