The Forge of Fate

Bovarlun Bonegrip’s Expedition

Bovarlun Bonegrip is the legendary leader that set about forming and leading an expedition to the Murderpeak Mountains, he was undeterred by the terrain to be crossed and the hostile reception his group was likely to have in the Murderpeaks. He picked 50 males and 50 females all stout dwarves and solid in the way that the best dwarves are, not a one of them was taller than the 3’ 6” deemed respectable at the time and all were multi-talented, miners, farmers and crafters.

The Murderpeak Mountains

The Murderpeak Mountains are the barrier between the Arctic Circle and the lands to the south, there are over 300 miles of barren tundra south of the mountains and nothing but frozen wasteland to the north. Unfortunately for Bonegrip’s expedition it is also home to a large number of hostile creatures, some are just creatures that make solo journeys extraordinarily dangerous, but others are tribes, families or communities and they are a different matter altogether.

The Maguric Steadfast

This Dwarf outpost has stood alone in the wilderness for more than 500 years, there are at most a handful of Dwarves who even remember there was an expedition to settle the Murderpeak Mountains.

101 dwarves are a formidable force, when they entered into the Murderpeaks the inhabitants did nothing but watch and wait, the inevitable creature attacks did not slow the Dwarves with their heavy crossbows, axes, hammers and cunning.

They found a likely valley with some deep caverns unaware or possibly indifferent to the fact, that they were being watched by a number of different races all of whom were most definitely hostile to their prescence. By the time the locals had organised enough to mount some sort of attack the dwarves had completed the first stage of their defences and had a solid bulwark around the main cavern.

For three weeks the dwarves were under siege and despite many wounded they only lost 2 dwarves to the constant fighting, Groddog Mithrilbrow and Bolmela Hammerhood, when the mighty entrance to the Steadfast was finally completed they named the first two gates in their honour.

The expedition was sore pressed for many months as the indigenous races looked for ways to eliminate them, but Bovarlun had planned well, they rebuffed all but the most determined attackers and earned a grudging respect for their abilities, a truce of sorts came to pass and for 150 years the Steadfast dug in and expanded.


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