Dettol & The Sludge of Doom


I guess that’ll teach me not to get involved in bets and eBay when drunk, I was out drinking with Max, I was telling him all about my recent adventures in KickStarter which had resulted in me owning some really cool Dwarf miniatures and how I now needed to set myself up with some painting materials, we were reminiscing about how painting was something we’d used to really enjoy.

This was all going swimmingly and we were exchanging ideas about decent paint brands and other geeky stuff like that when we got around to talking about Warhammer 40k, Max pointed out that John has an army, I’m fairly certain it was him that postulated it would be really cool to each put together an army and fight him, it’d be a lot of fun and we could get drunk whilst doing it and to make sure we did it, we’d bet on it being done by the end of July.

Uh-oh, betting each other is to the pair of us, what calling Marty McFly chicken was to him.

So here I am just a week later with at least 50 models in need of paint stripping, I rather suspect it will be a fair few more as the results of betting and being drunk in charge of a smartphone with eBay access keep rolling in.

With all of this pre-painted plastic arriving I decided to look up the best method of stripping acrylic paint from plastic models, it turns out there’s a couple of really effective ways of doing it and whilst there’s a decent amount of votes for DOT3 brake fluid, I happen to know that’s an evil liquid and should not be toyed with lightly. I would not under any circumstances be using it to strip paint from models in the house, which means the next choice is Dettol?


Apparently the active ingredient in Dettol, Chloroxylenol is rather good at removing the most hideous of pigmental abuse from the sturdy little plastic chappies, with this in mind I’ve left a bunch of them stewing in a sealed airtight* container overnight, by the time I get home more than 24 hours will have passed, I’ll update this post after I get home and survey the results, I may even post some pictures.

The Sludge Pot itself…

I’ve stuffed as many as I could get into that container above.

Okay, it’s approximately 10 hours later and here’s the update.

The Dettol really works, it takes a little effort with a toothbrush and to be honest I’m thinking of investing in an electric one to make sure it gets into all the nooks and crannies, I’m also thinking that maybe leaving a model in for more than 24 hours will do a better job.

Take one Miniature with about 7 layers of paint…

Don’t forget the gloves…

No really, do not, forget, the gloves, your hands will stink and there will be black goop all over them.

I think they turned out alright…


This mess doesn’t look that bad, it is…

*Seriously dude, that container needs to be airtight, Dettol can make the whole house stink, don’t ask me how I know, I just know alright!

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