5 days in and I have floundered a little, not through a lack of desire, more through a lack of time, which in and of itself I guess is a lack of planning.

Pretty sure my boss would agree if he read my blog, which I’m sure he doesn’t, anyway, I digress (I know, the Inception gauge is starting to register) I have a story I started, the plot is running around in my head like a hundred sheep gambolling in a sun dappled meadow, dashing hither and yon without a care in the world. I have revised what I’ve written a couple of times too, pretty sure I’m not supposed to do that either, all the advice is just crash out that ole first draft, then when you’ve reached the end, go back and edit ruthlessly.

The basic problem I have is that I write a lot of drivel in a first draft, it makes me hate the project when I go back and read it, is that right? It certainly doesn’t feel right, further digression was to be had when I had an idea for the protagonist’s name, I started looking up names, where they originate from, likely nationalities, gender specific versions (not sure why), basically anything except just accept the name and carry on writing.


Does this blog count towards NaNoWriMo?

I certainly hope so.

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