UK Games Expo


UK Games Expo 2013
24th May to 26th May

If anyone is interested I’m going to be attending UK Games Expo, I’m running 5 games over a busy weekend, which I suspect may involve some drinking too. 😉

I’ll be running…

  • 2 slots of a game called Cold & Dark which is a game being published by Chronicle City on behalf of Wicked World Games.
  • 2 Slots of a game called Airship Pirates a game published by Cubicle 7 with a little twist, I’ll be running it using Æther a game system published by Silver Gryphon Games a percentile dice system I’ve adapted for this purpose.
  • 1 Slot of the Cthulhu Masters tournament, uh-oh pressure much?
  • I’ve written the C&D and AP scenarios myself and have yet to see the Cthulhu scenario, I’m sure it’ll be fine, but I do like to prep and estimate running times so getting hold of this will be crucial.

    At the moment I’m trying to put the 2 scenarios I’ve written into some semblance of coherence for other people to use, I may just take them with me to Condamned too so that I can contribute to that convention too.

    Ah well, wonder if I’ll get time to playtest these prior to the convention, which by the way is in 7 weeks time, yikes I’d better warm up the printer.


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    Dettol & The Sludge of Doom


    I guess that’ll teach me not to get involved in bets and eBay when drunk, I was out drinking with Max, I was telling him all about my recent adventures in KickStarter which had resulted in me owning some really cool Dwarf miniatures and how I now needed to set myself up with some painting materials, we were reminiscing about how painting was something we’d used to really enjoy.

    This was all going swimmingly and we were exchanging ideas about decent paint brands and other geeky stuff like that when we got around to talking about Warhammer 40k, Max pointed out that John has an army, I’m fairly certain it was him that postulated it would be really cool to each put together an army and fight him, it’d be a lot of fun and we could get drunk whilst doing it and to make sure we did it, we’d bet on it being done by the end of July.

    Uh-oh, betting each other is to the pair of us, what calling Marty McFly chicken was to him.

    So here I am just a week later with at least 50 models in need of paint stripping, I rather suspect it will be a fair few more as the results of betting and being drunk in charge of a smartphone with eBay access keep rolling in.

    With all of this pre-painted plastic arriving I decided to look up the best method of stripping acrylic paint from plastic models, it turns out there’s a couple of really effective ways of doing it and whilst there’s a decent amount of votes for DOT3 brake fluid, I happen to know that’s an evil liquid and should not be toyed with lightly. I would not under any circumstances be using it to strip paint from models in the house, which means the next choice is Dettol?


    Apparently the active ingredient in Dettol, Chloroxylenol is rather good at removing the most hideous of pigmental abuse from the sturdy little plastic chappies, with this in mind I’ve left a bunch of them stewing in a sealed airtight* container overnight, by the time I get home more than 24 hours will have passed, I’ll update this post after I get home and survey the results, I may even post some pictures.

    The Sludge Pot itself…

    I’ve stuffed as many as I could get into that container above.

    Okay, it’s approximately 10 hours later and here’s the update.

    The Dettol really works, it takes a little effort with a toothbrush and to be honest I’m thinking of investing in an electric one to make sure it gets into all the nooks and crannies, I’m also thinking that maybe leaving a model in for more than 24 hours will do a better job.

    Take one Miniature with about 7 layers of paint…

    Don’t forget the gloves…

    No really, do not, forget, the gloves, your hands will stink and there will be black goop all over them.

    I think they turned out alright…


    This mess doesn’t look that bad, it is…

    *Seriously dude, that container needs to be airtight, Dettol can make the whole house stink, don’t ask me how I know, I just know alright!

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    Blimey, 2 in a row

    I’m sitting in a pub (The Papermill in Hemel) having lined up a pint of Guinness and some much needed sustenance and I find myself not really interested in doing the reading I had planned, what on earth is occurring?

    A little self reflection brings me to the conclusion I’m looking forward to tonight’s session of the HertsRPG group as we’re planning on being creative, the idea for tonight is that we start designing a multi-part world that each of the GMs takes on an area and we try to build a cohesive whole from the parts.

    Uh-oh someone’s turned up, I need to stop this creating malarkey or it’ll become a habit.

    We didn’t get an awful lot of creating done at all, a board game of Ticket to Ride and some card games of Flux got in the way, however it did get me to thinking I can resurrect my C&S campaign from 15 years ago, I have the old papers in my flat, they provide a good start, I also still think about the political details from time to time.

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    I’m crap at this

    Every time I start one of these things I have so many ideas I think it’ll be filled to the brim with words, how wonderful it will be to clear my head of these ideas and get them out there, for whichever value of out there you fancy.

    I start with trying to get the layout of the site right and somewhere along the way the writing falls prey to the design and I never finish what I started, as I posted previously I am prone to ADD and it is partly to blame, although my girlfriend tries to guide me towards coping mechanisms, I never seem to get around to it.

    This is me picking up the baton once more in the desperate hope it will continue longer than me thinking about how, the font isn’t quite right or, I wonder how I can make the them look a little more this way than that way.

    Ooh something shiny over there…

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    Airship Pirates – BRP

    Abney Park's Airship Pirates

    Where to start?
    I mean it’s got pirates and airships in it, add to that clunky steam engines and Victorian finery, how much more do you need?

    Personally I love the idea, the scenery and the setting, I have been having a few issues with the system, mostly because I think it detaches the players from their characters.

    To that end I shall be writing up a conversion to BRP, the write up will be posted into the Airship Pirates pages on this very website here.

    Why BRP?
    When I first thought that the system needed an overhaul, BRP was the first thing that popped into my mind, it seemed to me there was a natural fit. The key to the whole conversion lies in the skills, put together a skill list from AP and BRP map them across and Robert’s yer Muvver’s bruvver. Obviously there’s a little more to it than that, like statistic mapping and cultural modifiers, but nothing too onerous, the combat system should just slide into place like a well oiled…

    I think I’ll just leave that description to your imagination.

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    How long before Bionics are available?

    Those of you who know me will know I’ve been battling injury since November.

    For those who don’t, I’ll explain.

    Despite my advancing age I decided to return to the rugby pitch, this was going well until a game in November  when I overreached myself by not warming up properly. I didn’t know anything was wrong until I sat down at home and had a few beers, alright more than a couple, I tried to stand up afterwards and I had zero power in my leg.

    So about 4 weeks later, I was about ready to return to the field of battle and an incident at work involving my Patella, a steel chair leg and an unwitting colleague left me with a chip out of the meniscus covering the end of the femur and Patella Tendonitis.

    I have been having Physioterrorism on the left knee pretty much ever since, today is the first day that I have felt like it is over, I cycled 40km and during that distance I climbed a couple of proper hills.

    Not a lot of discomfort afterwards leaves me cautiously optimistic about my recovery, I can’t bloody wait.

    Thanks for listening,

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    Hello world!

    Rather than delete this post I’ll edit it instead.

    My name is Glenn Berry and I’m addicted to playing games, I’ll try anything once and quite often do, whilst I love playing board games, my major addiction is Role Playing Games (RPG) and I have over 36 years of experience playing/writing/designing them.

    I am by nature a little bit distracted, unfortunately I was diagnosed as having ADD at the rather late age of 35, this means that I never really developed proper methods of handling it and I usually have about a dozen writing projects on the go at any one time. Sometimes I think I’d just like to work on a project from start to finish without any distractions, but then I see something nice and shiny and off I go on another tangent.

    I currently have a number of projects on the go, ranging from a FATE conversion for SLA Industries to a completely new game based on Supernatural, with a number of other projects in between.

    Anyway, enough from me at the moment, I’ve just seen something shiny I have to go and investigate.


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