That Didn’t Take Long

A mere day after posting that I might make alterations to the printer my hand was forced.

What you are looking at there is the base of one of my prints, and part of the coating of the Heated Print Bed. Whilst it doesn’t look to big, it was the Grand Canyon in printing terms, right in the centre of the bed too, I was not happy.

Swift trip to Amazon and bought on a next day delivery the Biqu magnetic bed and spring steel plate was winging its way to me, arrived earlier today and installed this evening, easy to do, make sure you clean the bed properly, I put a pice of aluminium can in the gaping chasm on the glass bed and stuck the magnetic sheet down, relevelled the bed, increased the bed temperatures to offset the extra material and it was ready to go.

The machine is currently printing a Benchy to test it out, the skirt did not adhere properly, I may need to use something to help that out, but the Benchy itself is properly attached and in progress.

If you want one you can get the plate from here –

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