The Day Democracy Died

No, not 23rd June 2016, the day democracy died was 24th June 2016, when a bunch of self righteous, obsessed and vitriolic fools believed they knew better than the other side and decided that because a vote didn’t go their way it should be retrospectively invalidated and that the process simply had to be repeated until it did go their way.

It was the day when people decried those people over 65 and declared their views didn’t matter because they simply weren’t going to live long enough for them to see out their choices.

It was the day one side decided the only reason the other side had voted against them was that they were bigoted, xenophobic morons without a single redeeming feature and therefore were unqualified to have an opinion.

Congratulations, this is the day you asked for democracy to be killed in your name, this is the day you gave a government an opportunity to overturn an electoral result it didn’t like, this is the day you asked for the ability to disenfranchise people who have spent their entire lives in this country working on its behalf because they aren’t going to live that long anyway, this is the day democracy died!

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