Blimey, 2 in a row

I’m sitting in a pub (The Papermill in Hemel) having lined up a pint of Guinness and some much needed sustenance and I find myself not really interested in doing the reading I had planned, what on earth is occurring?

A little self reflection brings me to the conclusion I’m looking forward to tonight’s session of the HertsRPG group as we’re planning on being creative, the idea for tonight is that we start designing a multi-part world that each of the GMs takes on an area and we try to build a cohesive whole from the parts.

Uh-oh someone’s turned up, I need to stop this creating malarkey or it’ll become a habit.

We didn’t get an awful lot of creating done at all, a board game of Ticket to Ride and some card games of Flux got in the way, however it did get me to thinking I can resurrect my C&S campaign from 15 years ago, I have the old papers in my flat, they provide a good start, I also still think about the political details from time to time.

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