Hello world!

Rather than delete this post I’ll edit it instead.

My name is Glenn Berry and I’m addicted to playing games, I’ll try anything once and quite often do, whilst I love playing board games, my major addiction is Role Playing Games (RPG) and I have over 36 years of experience playing/writing/designing them.

I am by nature a little bit distracted, unfortunately I was diagnosed as having ADD at the rather late age of 35, this means that I never really developed proper methods of handling it and I usually have about a dozen writing projects on the go at any one time. Sometimes I think I’d just like to work on a project from start to finish without any distractions, but then I see something nice and shiny and off I go on another tangent.

I currently have a number of projects on the go, ranging from a FATE conversion for SLA Industries to a completely new game based on Supernatural, with a number of other projects in between.

Anyway, enough from me at the moment, I’ve just seen something shiny I have to go and investigate.


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